Friday, January 1, 2021

Make Your Own Coffee Blends | Community Coffee Signature Blend | Dark Roast and Cinnamon

Happy New Year! Having fun mixing up coffee with the manual coffee grinder! This round ground coffee beans from Community Coffee's Signature Blend and cinnamon sticks to make a spicy blend. Liking this one... it gets a Good Cup of Coffee Rating!

Simple Rating System

We want to invite others to join us on our quest to taste different black coffees and rate them using a simple scale: "Good", "It'll Do", and "Bad".

  • A "Good" cup of coffee tastes freshly brewed and has no bitter aftertaste.
  • "It'll Do" satisfies the coffee urge but just does not make the grade of a "Good" cup of coffee.
  • And, a "Bad" cup of coffee is stale with an aftertaste that requires another beverage to wash it away.

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Stuff we used:

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