Tuesday, November 27, 2018

filter(ed) Coffee Shop in McKinney

New place we have not tried before. Tried one of their specialties - a pumpkin spice latte. Tasty coffee... really liking the layout of the cafe, especially the open mic music setup. Sounds like some great tunes to be heard!

Coffees from Various Locations... #coffee

On the road making great time... plus add a few cups of coffee from various locations, starting with Nespresso Intenso at home, then off to Gainesville, TX for a java stop while on the way, and then it's 7-11 coffees in Oklahoma City. While there, stocked up the pantry with 1850 Folgers Coffee.

All were good, still not clear on the 1850 Folgers Coffee... different than the normal Folgers blend; has a dark roast feel to it but am okay with the normal blend as well.  May need to follow up on it in another post!

le macaron coffee and a Little Nespresso Intenso, too!

Was out and about last week, even braved a visit to the local shopping mall. Was crowded and lots of people making holiday purchases. Although, I had a Nespresso Intenso coffee to go, needed another round of coffee... stopped at le macaron for coffee. Giving this one a Good Cup of Coffee rating!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

7-11 Colombian and McDonald's Coffee While On the Road!

7-11 Colombian and McDonald's Coffee while on the road. Learned the space below the radio in my Tacoma is perfect for the emergency stash of Nutter Butter Cookies!

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