Saturday, February 24, 2018

Another Mix of Coffee Again... #blackcoffee

Another mix of coffee again this round. These were from "emergency java stops" when your's truly need a shot of caffeine.

This time it was a Donut Shop Coffee made with Community Coffee while on the way to work. Too many red lights extended the normal commute. What better way to clear your head before work, then coffee and an Apple Fritter!

Next, it was a cup of McDonald's Coffee with its tasty Arabica blend. Was struck with the coffee lows while running errands. Took care of the issue quickly when I passed a McDonald's while headed for the next "honey-do" item!

Lastly, while headed for a little fishing the next town over, the daily wake-up coffee brewed each morning wore off... able to bring back the fix with a Quick Trip Nicaraguan Blend... Whew!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Mixed Round of Coffee This Round... #blackcoffee

Was on the road last week. Had coffees at 7-11, Jason's Deli, and a CTS Store... Chickasaw Nation's gas stations in OK. All were good but mainly due to being fresh brewed!

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