Friday, November 25, 2016

McDonald's Coffee and Cookies

Decided on McDonald's coffee and cookies while passing by... tasty. Still a Good Cup of Coffee!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jave Fix at Valero Convenience Store... Cafe Especial

Happy Thanksgiving to our Readers! To kickoff the day, went on the daily morning run as usual. Then, stopped at the Valero Convenience Store nearby. The coffee brewer indicated the blend was "Cafe Especial - Dark Roast".

Never tried it before, also think it was on the warmer a little too long. Regardless, it took care of the caffeine cravings... this one gets an "It'll Do" rating. Do think it will make for a good cup when fresh brewed.

PS: Picked up some "Scratchers"... no winner, winner chicken dinner this round!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cinnabon Coffee...

Stopped by the mall and did some Christmas shopping. While there, craved a Cinnabon with coffee. The Cinnabon was tasty and went well with the coffee. Could not tell the brand, calling it Cinnabon Coffee for now.

Biased rating this time as we had it with the Cinnabon, and over the years, any coffee with a Cinnabon gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" rating.

Maybe next time, just order coffee for rating purposes... or NOT! Too tough to make it happen given the cinnamon mixed with the cream frosting scent in the air.

7-11 Dark Roast in Norman. OK

Back to the same 7-11 in Norman, OK mentioned two posts ago. Same 7-11 Dark Roast but had an apple fritter with it. Bought pork skins too... zero grams of fat, so it's gotta be good for you.

Lucked out again on the coffee. Fresh brewed and coupled with an apple fritter, the 7-11 Dark Roast easily gets the "Good Cup of Coffee" rating!

Henderson Coffee House Blend in Ardmore...

Much needed coffee break while on the road. Stopped at a convenience store in Ardmore, OK. They were serving Henderson Coffee. Went with the House Blend. Has been similar to other convenience store coffees where the timing of when it was brewed versus the length of time it sat on the warmer will make a difference.

Lucked out this time... fresh brewed! So, Henderson Coffee House Blend gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" rating.

7-11 Dark Roast for Breakfast!

Stopped at 7-11 for coffee before heading out on the road. Was in Norman, OK. Picked up water, donuts, and 7-11 Dark Roast. Fresh brewed too, so this one easily gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" rating!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

7-11 Hazelnut and Hostess Donuts!

Early morning start yesterday. Needed a kick start, so stopped at 7-11 for a cup of coffee. Went with the Hazelnut Blend and Hostess Donuts. Must have just been brewed, this one gets a Good Cup of Coffee Rating. Even more a surprise, the Hostess Donuts Crunchy was 50 cents cheaper than the 7-11 Brand that I have been getting. Hmmm... may need to go back to Hostess again!

Mountain View Extreme Blend at Love's Truck Stop in Gore, OK

Another coffee break last week. Had a cup of coffee from Love's Truck Stop in Gore, OK. This one is from Mountain View and it's their Extreme Blend. Strong coffee; tough to put a finger on it but did not make the Good Cup of Coffee rating. More of an It'll Do Rating. Missing the smoothness we like and did have a bitter aftertaste but not enough to make the Bad Cup of Coffee Rating.  Maybe it sat on the warmer for a little too long.  Will need to keep an eye out for this one and try another cup.

Back Out and About!

Back on the road last week. Stopped at a couple of places for coffee. One was a home brew called "Death Wish Coffee". Not sure where it can be purchased. It was a gift! It does have a slight bitter aftertaste but still makes a Good Cup of Coffee!

The other place was a 7-11 Convenience Store in Moore, OK. Tried the Kona Blend. Smooth tasting, no bitterness. Went well with the donuts, too... Good Cup of Coffee!

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