Friday, September 23, 2016

McDonald's Coffee... Brew Your Own!

Luck be a Lady tonight! Found a can of McDonald's Coffee at the local grocery store. Brewed a batch and yes, it makes a Good Cup of Coffee!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee!

While out last week, ended up getting cups of coffee at the Lonestar Gas Station aka Dave Ski and Tackle and the Shell Gas Station in Denison, Texas. Also, running low on funds, went with Walmart's Great Value Classic Roast.

  • Lonestar Gas Stations' coffee gets an "It'll Do Rating". Standard brewed coffee that depends on how long it sat on the warmer since brewed.
  • Shell Gas Station's coffee gets an "It'll Do Rating" too. But, throw in the mini-donuts and all was good!
  • Walmart's Great Value Classic Roast gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" Rating. Very nice given the low funds dilemma!

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