Saturday, November 29, 2014

Java Regular

Grabbed a cup of coffee while passing through Ardmore, Oklahoma. Needed a restroom break, so why not refill the mug afterwards. Given the temps were in the 30', it sounded like a good idea.

Grabbed a cup of Regular Blend from Java Classics. This one gets a "God Cup of Coffee" Rating but I suspect the coffee got a boast since it was fresh made. Will need to revisit this one at another time to be sure of the Rating.

7-11 Big Energy Coffee

Here is one that I had not tried before - 7-11 Big Energy Coffee. Strong coffee taste, not clear on the energy. This one gets an "It'll Do" Rating. Nothing makes it stand out to bump it up in ratings.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Whataburger Coffee

Whataburger Coffee started out as a "Bad Cup of Coffee" several years ago. Then. they changed the brew and it has gotten better. The most recent taste of Whataburger Coffee came this morning when I stopped in Whitesboro, Texas for cup of coffee and a quick bite.

Ordered a larger cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll. Tasty, tasty, tasty... This one gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" Rating!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Farmers Brothers Medium Roast

On the way to the office yesterday, stopped at a convenience store in Coppell, Texas. They were serving Farmers Brothers Coffee. Had a cup of their Medium Roast; this one gets an "It'll Do Rating". Not much to the coffee to bring it up a rating nor knock it down a rating.

PS: Did try some Breakfast Tacos! They were tasty.

7-11 Exclusive Blend

Ran out of coffee at the casa this morning. Had some work things to knockout. Needed a cup of brew to make it happen. Made a quick trip to the 7-11 down the road. Was going to get a cup of coffee but saw they had coffee in bags! Went with the 7-11 Exclusive Blend in a Medium Roast.

Made a pot of coffee... made for a "Good Cup of Coffee" which gave further evidence that 7-11 has good coffee, just need to have it when it's fresh brewed!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Family Donut, Allen, Texas

Hankering for an Apple Fritter; what better way to quell the craving then to get one at a Donut Store. Ordered a cup of coffee, Looks like the coffee gets an "It'll Do" Rating. That said, they make a mean Apple Fritter! Coming back for the Apple Fritters. So, good that it makes any coffee taste better!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Love's Truck Stop, Anna, Texas - Java Amore - House Blend Mild

Early morning start this morning enroute to Oklahoma. Stopped for gas and coffee at the Love's Truck Stop in Anna, Texas. Filled up the gas tanks and a large cup of coffee. Went with the House Blend - Mild... guess what, actually makes for a Good Cup of Coffee. Surprised as other blends have been hot or miss much like 7-11 Convenience Stores' coffees. If brewed recently, they are good. Else, a bitterness results.

Another God Cup of Coffee from McDonald's Coffee!

More road time this weekend. This time, went with the old standby... McDonald's Coffee! Still makes a Good Cup of Coffee. Even better, all sizes are only a Dollar! Go for the large size then!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

McDonald's Coffee

McDonald's Coffee keeps it "Good Cup of Coffee Rating"! Was in Denison, Texas yesterday and decided on Breakfast Burritos to satisfy the hunger pangs. That said, cannot have a bite at McDonalds without having a cup of coffee!

On the Road... Van Alstyne, Texas

On the way to Oklahoma the other day. Stopped in Van Alstyne, Texas for coffee and an Apple Fritter. Went with the House Blend. It gets and "It'll Do" Rating. Nothing special about the coffee but did like the Apple Fritter... made fresh, crispy, and in large sizes!

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