Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hills Bros Coffee - Medium Blend

Short on time and low on cash as well as coffee. Made an emergency run to the store and picked up Hill Bros (Brothers) Coffee for under $3.00 a can! It's a Medium Blend that makes a "Good Cup of Coffee"! Lucked into this one.

Phillips 66 Convenience Store, Paris, Texas - Community Coffee

Passed through Paris, Texas the other day. Stopped for a restroom break and a cup of coffee before hitting the road again. They were serving Community Coffee, and it was fresh brewed! This one easily earned a "Good Cup of Coffee Rating"!

Race Trac Dark Roast

On the road last week; stopped at a Race Trac and tried their Dark Roast. This one gets an "It'll Do Rating". Always a hit or miss when trying coffee that has been sitting on the warmer. Never sure how long it's been sitting since first brewed.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

7-11's Brazilian Dark Roast

7-11's Brazilian Dark Roast get's an "It'll Do" Rating. It's always a hit or miss with 7-11 as a rating can change depending on the store and the length of time the coffee has sat on the warmer.

Folger's Special Roast

Here is a medium blend from Folger's.  It's Folger's Special Roast. This one gets a "God Cup of Coffee" Rating. Tasty and smooth, does satisfy the coffee craving!

Master Chef

Here is a discount coffee to keep in mind when the funds are low. It's called Master Chef. Earns an "It'll Do" Rating but the price (less than $4.00) works for those dry spells when the wallet is light but the java craving is still in need of satisfaction!

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