Sunday, August 24, 2014

7-11's Exclusive Blend Medium Roast

Early morning java before hitting the road.  Went with 7-11's Exclusive Blend Medium Roast.  Get's an "It'll Do" Rating.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

7-11 French Vanilla and Dark Roast

Headed on the road. Stopped at 7-11 and poured a cup of French Vanilla and Dark Roast. French Vanilla gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" Rating; the Dark Roast gets an "It'll Do" Rating.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

McDonald's Coffee - Galveston, Texas

Had a cup of java while on the coast in Galveston, Texas. Stopped at McDonald's and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee. This one retains its "Good Cup of Coffee" rating! Have not been disappointed with McDonald's Coffee; glad we own some stock in it!
McDonald's Coffee

61st Street Fishing Pier, Galveston

Don Pedro's American Roast

Had this one back in 2011, posted:
Picked this one up when the funds were running low and the last coffee was down to the last brew.  Bought it for $2.98 a pound.  Good for an emergency else holding off on this one.... Rating it as an "It'll Do"!
Funds were not low this round but since we have been on the road, been keeping things economical just in case money does become tight. Price remained surprisingly the same at $2.98 a pound. Rating stayed the same too... "It'll Do".

Buc-ee's - Texas City

Still on the road, this time needed another cup of coffee to rejuvenate the body! Stopped a t Buc-ee's in Texas City. Went with the Dark Roast this time, and like the House Blend it gets an "It'll Do" rating. Nothing to bump the rating up but nothing to knock it down as well. Does get the job done. Road trip went well!

Buc-ee's - Madisonville

On the road, stopped at Buc-ee's in Madisonville, Texas. Took a few pictures, used the clean restrooms, and then had their House Blend to go.  Last time we had a cup it was back in November 2013; it earned an "It'll Do" rating. This time, it earned the same rating... "It'll Do".

Race Trac 100% Colombian

Had this one back in May 2013, posted the following:
Hitting the road, needed a shot of coffee before proceeding.  Stopped at Race Track in McKinney, Texas. Went with a fresh brew of their 100% Colombian blend.  This one gets an "It'll Do" rating.  Does not stand out enough to make the "Good Cup of Coffee" rating but it certainly will do for that java fix!
This time we stopped at Race Trac in Allen, Texas and give it an "It'll Do" rating. No change since last round.

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