Sunday, April 20, 2014

Donut Shop Coffee

Stopped at a Donut Shop yesterday for an Apple Fritter.  Ordered a cup of coffee; giving this one an "It'll Do Rating".  Good thing the Apple Fritter was tasty!

Maxwell House - Breakfast Blend

Been happy with Maxwell House's coffee in the past; same holds true with the Breakfast Blend.  Mild roast that makes a Good Cup of Coffee!

Monday, April 7, 2014

CEFCO Coffee

Got lucky on this one; hit or miss with CEFCO but while on the road this time.  Stopped in Kosse, Texas for a brew.  This one was just made, so it easily made the Good Cup of Coffee rating!  Just be careful, the longer it sits on the warmer, the more likely is shifts to an "It'll Do" Rating.

McDonald's Coffee

Similar to IHOP is McDonald's Coffee.  They consistently serve good cups of coffee!  This one also holds its own in College Station, Texas!

IHOP Coffee

Been having good success with IHOP;  have had good cups of coffee at each place we visited.  This one in College Station, Texas holds its own... making a Good Cup of Coffee!

Dunkin Donuts Original Blend

Here is one to brew on your own.  Dunkin Donuts Original Blend makes for a Good Cup of Coffee!  Do give this one a shot!

7-11 Dark Roast

Had a free coupon for a small coffee at 7-11.  Went with the Dark Roast. And, like other times, it's hit or miss with 7-11.  All depends on when the coffee is brewed and how soon after you pour a cup.  This case... it gets an "It'll Do" Rating.

Quick Trip Vienna Roast

Was in the need of a java fix while running errands.  Stopped at a Quick Trip and had a donut and coffee. This one gets an "It'll Do" rating;  nothing special but it did do in this moment of emergency!

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