Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Star Gas Station, Vanilla Creme

This one makes for a Good Cup of Coffee, and is made even better by their tasty Apple Fritters.  It's a Star Gas Station in  Van Alstyne, Texas!  Do give it a go if ever passing through.... the Vanilla Creme is not a "fu fu" blend.  Just a smooth cup of coffee, no bitterness, and a hint of vanilla that does not detract from the true "Black Coffee, no cream, no sugar, no additives" Coffee Drinker!

Race Trac Dark Roast

Here is one that works with an Apple Fritter or Buttermilk Donut.  Does not get a Good Cup of Rating but it does get an It'll Do Rating.  It comes from Race Trac Gas Station and Convenience Store.  Works for getting the day started when heading out on the road.... just (personal choice) be sure to have a fritter or a donut with it!

McDonald's Coffee

On the road this last week.  Enjoyed a cup of joe from McDonald's McCafe!  Still gets a Good Cup of Coffee rating!

Mocha Java

Here is one that makes a Good Cup of Coffee.  It's a medium blend that has no bitterness.  Has coffee beans from East Africa, Arabia, and Indonesia.  Do give this one a try!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Nut

Tasty, tasty, tasty... comes from Dunkin Donuts; their Vanilla Nut blend.  Makes for a "Good Cup of Coffee".  Liking this one!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spec's Jamaica Me Crazy Blend

Here is a coffee we picked up as a Christmas gift... Comes from a local liquor store chain that offers coffee, too!  This blend has a hint of vanilla and possibly cocoa.  This one gets a Good Cup of Coffee Rating!

McDonald's Coffee in Denison, Texas

Funny how the road brings out the coffee junkie... in Denison yesterday on another road trip.  The addiction struck. Luckily, McDonald's was nearby.  Ordered a cup of coffee, it came piping hot, and tasted great! This one maintains its "Good Cup of Coffee" Rating!

Czech Kolache Convenience Store in West, Texas

Stopped in West, Texas (the city not the region) this past Sunday on another late night road trip.  Needed a jolt of hot java and a snack (something sweet preferably).  Decided to get a cup of coffee at the Czech Kolache Convenience Store.  This one is called their Gold Regular blend... it get's a "Good Cup of Coffee Rating"!  Liked this one; did not need a Maple Nut Twist pastry to get this rating but it sure made a tasty combo... yum, yum, yum!

Fischer's Neighborhood Market - Regular Coffee

On the road last week.  Needed a dose of caffeine to keep alert.  Stopped in Waco for a cup of coffee. This one gets a "It'll Do" Rating barely though... had to have a Cinnabon Honey Bun with it to maintain that rating.

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