Friday, May 24, 2013

Martinson Colombian Joe, Corsicana, Texas

Here is one that came from convenience store in Corsicana, Texas.  It's from Martinson Coffee Company and its their Colombian Joe medium roast blend.  This one gets an "It'll Do" Rating.  Did not have the umph to make the Good Cup of Coffee Rating but it will do when that coffee fix is calling!

New Waverly, Texas Convenience Store - Coffee House Medium Dark Roast

Another stop last week for a much needed cup of java.  This one came from a convenience store serving Coffee House Brand.  With a fresh brew of their Medium Dark Roast (also called Gourmet House), a large cup of coffee also made for a Good Cup of Coffee.  Even better tasting with the Oreo Cookies we were snacking on!

Burger King - Seattle's Best Coffee Medium Light Roast

Stopped at a Burger King in Fairfield, Texas the other week.  Needed a brew fix and ordered two large cups. Turned out they were serving Seattle's Best Coffee in their Medium Light Roast blend.  This one also gets a Good Cup of Coffee Rating!

Independence Coffee Company - Texas Decadence Chocolate and Raspberry

Here is a new one that comes from Brenham Texas.  The Independence Coffee Company offering their Texas Decadence Chocolate and Raspberry blend.  Made for a Good Cup of Coffee that did not overpower the coffee taste that we like.  This one is going into our favorites category!

Eight O'Clock Dark Italian Blend

Have tried their other blends and have been happy.  Went with the Dark Italian Blend this time; brewed in a Keurig and came away pleasantly surprised.  Strong taste but still made for a Good Cup of Coffee especially when fresh brewed!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Momento Vanilla Creme

This one caught me off guard.  Was helping cleaning out an apartment; the resident had a bag of ground coffee that she was going to throw away.  It was almost full and opened recently.  Not wanting to see something go to waste, offered to make a fresh brew at the end of the move out at my place.

Was really surprised that it made a "Good Cup of Coffee".  The vanilla does not over power the coffee; this one is staying high on the list of favorites!

Problem: She cannot recall where she bought it!

Race Trac 100% Colombian

Hitting the road, needed a shot of coffee before proceeding.  Stopped at Race Track in McKinney, Texas.  Went with a fresh brew of their 100% Colombian blend.  This one gets an "It'll Do" rating.  Does not stand out enough to make the "Good Cup of Coffee" rating but it certainly will do for that java fix!

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