Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love's Java Amore House Blend - Mild (Fairfield, Tx)

On the road today, stopped at a gas station for gas and a cup of coffee.  This was from Love's Gas Station in Fairfield, Texas.  It's their House Blend - Mild made from Latin American Arabica Beans. This one gets an It'll Do Rating.  Something did not impress us enough to rate it as a Good Cup of Coffee.


  1. I love Java Amore coffee. I have only seen it at Love's stops. Wish I could buy it for home brew. If you know where I can buy it, please let me know!

  2. Ditto @Carol. I've been looking for Java Amore too. It is truly the best coffee around.

  3. seems only coffee that dont kill my joints

  4. is it on the market for the public to buy?

    1. Not seen it sold in stores. Will defer to others

  5. My dad bought a case at a food distribution center in arkansas.

  6. Where can I buy Java Amore coffee that they serve at Love's? By far, it is the best tasting coffee I've drank!!! Down to the last drop! If I'm on the road I just have to make a stop at Love's along the way. Simply the best tasting coffee around!!!


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