Monday, October 22, 2012

Millstone Foglifter Medium Roast

Picked up this one from the local grocer. Had not tried it before; it's a medium roast from Millstone called the "Foglifter".  Brewed a pot and what you know... a Good Cup of Coffee was had!  Liking this one.  Will keep it in mind for future purchases.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gevalia Kaffe House Blend

We liked Gevalia's Traditional Roast.  Tried their House Blend.  Guess what.... it gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" Rating, too!  Try this one when you get a chance!

7-11's Tostado Exclusivo

Tried this one while on the way to work.  Stopped at 7-11 and topped the coffee mug off with their Tostado Exclusivo Blend.  This one gets an "It'll Do" Rating; what saved it was the three mini-donuts - jelly-filled, cream-filled, and another cream-filled!

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