Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Folger's Black Silk Blend

Here is a Dark Roast from Folger's Coffee... the label says it is ""Bold, Yet Smooth".  We tend to agree, giving this blend a "Good Cup of Coffee" rating!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Muldoon's Coffee House

Sitting at Muldoon's Coffee House actually working while having a morning brew.  Ordered the house coffee, straight black with no cream or sugar.  This one gets a "Good Cup of Coffee" Rating!

CEFCO House Blend Coffee (Kosse, Texas)

While on the road, stopped for coffee.  Bought a cup from the CEFCO convenience store in Kosse, Texas. This one is their House Blend.  Giving this one an "It'll Do" Rating.  Saving grace was the Nutty Butter Cookies went well the cup!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Farmer Brothers Coffee

Hitting the local lake this morning for some fishing.  Stopped at the Lavonia Convenience Store for a last minute purchase of fishing tackle.  While there, noticed fresh coffee brewing; we have had this one before from Farmers Brothers Coffee. This one gets a "Good Rating" especially since it was just made when we poured a cup!

Henderson Coffee (Choctaw Casino)

Had a cup of java while having some fun playing the slots at Choctaw Casino.  Needed a break from all the "winnings" and grabbed a cup of coffee.  This one comes from Henderson Coffee and stays fresh as it is brewed frequently to keep it fresh!  This continues to get a "Good Rating"!

Waffle House (Plano)

Late night jitters and a missed dinner resulted in a stop at the Waffle House in Plano (Texas) for breakfast.  Ordered a cup of coffee to go with the meal.

Turned out this brew gets an ""It'll Do Rating".  Not quite enough to rate a it higher but not bad enough to give it a lower rating.

This one will do but only because it did not leave a bad after taste.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vienna Roast

Another stop at a Quick Trip Convenience Store this week.  Decided on a Buttermilk Doughnut and Coffee.

This time chose the Vienna Roast from their Select Blend.  Another good choice, and...

another "Good Cup of Coffee" rating resulted this week!

Gourmet Medallion

Another stop while on the road.  This time, stopped at Sonny's Donuts in Coppell, Texas.

Was going for one of their Apple Fritters.  Decided to add a cup of coffee to the order.

Good decision...  the Gourmet Medallion coffee was served piping hot and complemented the Fritter!

Yum, yum... another "Good Cup of Coffee" rating for this week!

Moyobomba Peruvian Organic

Here is one that we tried while on travel this week.  Picked this one up in Frisco, Texas at a Quick Trip Convenience Store.

It's from their Select Brand of coffees; this one is called the Moyobomba Peruvian Organic.

No complaints on this one. Get's a "Good Cup of Cofee" rating.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

IHOP "Never Ending Cup of Coffee"

Stopped at the International House of Pancakes in Allen, Texas.  Like other IHOP's, they make a Good Cup of Coffee!  Even better that they offer the "Never Ending Cup of Coffee"!

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