Saturday, January 21, 2012

7-11's Brazilian Bold

Has been a hit or miss affair with 7-11's Coffees.  However, we are noticing when stores use heated carafes the coffee stays fresh longer.  Stopped at one store that uses them and had a Good Cup of Coffee... Brazilian Bold hit the spot!

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  1. I go out of my way to stop at 7-11, solely for their Brazilian Bold coffee. It's THAT good. I hate a weak cup of coffee. 7-11 Brazilian Bold is exactly what I'm looking for in a cup of coffee, and I get the "Extra Large" white Styrofoam cup for $1.80 or something like that. You really can't beat it. It puts Dunkin Donuts to shame. (I'm still a Starbucks dark roast drip fan for life, though).


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