Saturday, October 6, 2018

Race Trac, 7-11, Nespresso, and Dunkin for #coffee

Coffees to keep the mind going during the work week. Have been mainly drinking Folgers and Maxwell House as funds are low... at least for coffee.  Too many other things to divert money to... wine, woman, and song; not in that order. LOL!

Did have a cup of joe at Race Trac - Colombian Blend made with freshly ground beans via their "coffee on demand" machines! Liking this concept; liking the taste... even signed up for their rewards program because of it!

Also, had 7-11's Pumpkin Spice while on the way to work one morning; wanted the coffee refill cup and noticed they had Pumpkin Spice fresh made. It's another one that we are liking!

Evening round of a coffee fix called for a Nespresso Intenso that always sends the right amount of coffee to the body to get "re-started" when things are slowing down but we still need to get other things done.

Lastly, one of us bought a bag of Dunkin Donuts' French Vanilla Blend. Who cannot resist fresh brewed French Vanilla; we cannot... #mylifeisgood still!

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