Sunday, June 17, 2018

Coffee, Coffee, and Coffee... #blackcoffee

Been drinking coffee daily but not posting each one. In the day job grind, so 7-11 and Donut Shop Coffee has been the norm. However, did mix things up on the weekends... this time, enjoyed cups of Nespresso Intenso Coffee a couple of times, including one instance where the dog was getting it's bath while your's truly finished his cup of Intenso!

Then, Chick-fil-A Coffee while on errands on the honey-do list... took too long watching the dog getting a bath while having the Intenso... LOL. Gotta make up for the "oops"!

And then, had some fancy cup cake at Sprinkles in Dallas. Gotta have coffee with cake even cup cakes... tried their Sprinkles Coffee.

All were tasty!

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