Sunday, April 5, 2015

Starbucks Veranda Blend

Was out grocery shopping and decided a cup of coffee was needed. Stopped at the Starbucks Kiosk and ordered the Veranda Blend. This one gets an It'll Do Rating.

Rating: Good, It'll Do, Bad
- Brand Name: Starbucks Veranda Blend
- Where Purchased: Starbucks Kiosk
- Blend: Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Light Roast
- Flavored: Yes / No
- Taste if Flavored: NA
- Price: $2.00

- Brewed: Just Brewed, Brewed Earlier but Still Fresh, No Longer Fresh
- Taste: Smooth, After Taste, Bitter
- Other Notes: After taste is what brought the rating down on this one. Have noticed that Starbucks blend comes in smooth at first but soon an after taste follows. Much different than our favorite coffee - Sonic Drive-In's Red Button Roast!

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