Thursday, December 14, 2017

#frenchpress for the Duowe Egberts Coffee... Very Nice! #blackcoffee

Really liking the Duowe Egberts Coffee in the Aroma Rood blend. Picked up a Bodum Kenya French Press and brewed some coffee. Very tasty... it's a suitable substitute for Sonic Red Button Roast!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Brewed a Cup of Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood #coffee

Could not wait any longer. Went ahead and brewed a cup of Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Coffee. Maybe it's because we miss Red Button Roast so much or maybe it's beginners luck but... this may be the doppelganger to Sonic discontinued Red Button Roast.

On a second cup of coffee, and so far am extremely delighted to have lucked into the potential substitute to Red Button Roast... not sure why Sonic quit serving it.

For now, Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Coffee is our favorite coffee. Will continue to test for others in a little bit... enjoying another cup or two of Aroma Rood!

For others who want to try Aroma Rood, we brewed it at 190 degrees in a Keurig using the reusable k-cup shown below on the large cup serving (10 oz).

For the amount of Aroma Rood used, we went with 5 teaspoons which is slightly over 1.5 tablespoons.

Package Arrived... Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood #coffee

The package containing Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Coffee arrived just a few moments ago. I planned to brew a cup and begin the taste test/search for a suitable substitute for Sonic's Red Button Roast. But, I decided not to rush into brewing a cup.

It's been over two years since we had a Red Button Roast cup of coffee. Before brewing a cup of Aroma Rood, decided to research best ways to brew a cup of coffee. Slight delay for now but feel it is the right decision!

PS: New water filters in the fridge, so we have a good source for brewing lots of "test" cups of cofee!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Time to do something... Was Douwe Egberts Coffee rebranded as Sonic's Red Button Roast? #coffee

It's been well over a year since we learned Sonic switch from Red Button Roast to Green Mountain Coffee. We truly miss the pipiing hot coffee from Sonic. As we are not alone, we decided to do something... time to confirm a rumour or at least attempt to find a suitable substitute for Red Button Roast.

Rumour has it that Douwe Egberts Coffee was rebranded as Red Button Roast. We are not sure if this is true, but today... December 9, 2017 marks our first attempt at a taste test to confirm the rumour and/or find a suitable substitute. These are drastic times for us Red Button Roast coffee lovers... more like fanatics.

Do stay tuned as we start this effort... we have placed an order with for Douwe Egberts Aroma Rood Blend. The order arrives later today/tonight, we hope to post our findings as soon as we try a fresh brewed cup! (Update 12/10/17: Order arrives Monday... waiting anxiously for the order)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Starbucks Medium Roast Pikes Peak #coffee

Out last night on an errand; stopped by Starbucks for their Medium Roast Pikes Peak coffee. Added a chocolate chip cookie... no errand is too hard to complete when you have a piping hot cup of java and a tasty cookie!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Starbucks Christmas Blend #coffee

Starbucks Christmas Blend for a much needed shot of coffee while shopping. Smooth taste with no bitterness. This one easily earns a Good Cup of Coffee rating!

McDonald's Coffee... #coffee

Needed a java break coming back from Oklahoma. Stopped at McDonald for coffee. Piping hot and only $1 for any size. Large cup of coffee it was... this one continues to earn its Good Cup of Coffee rating!

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